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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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Galen H. Brown

The NY Phil released its figures today:

2006-07: $113,360
2007-08: $118,560
2008-09: $123,760
2009-10: $129,740
2010-11: $134,940
2011-12: $140.400

(Note the discrepancy between your 2007 figure and the press release. I'm not sure what accounts for it.)

Assuming that the NEw York numbers map onto your chart the way it looks like they should, NY remains in the top clump and the apparent shotgun effect starts to look more like Cleveland is simply falling out of the group and now the remaining 6 are returning to something resembling the grouping at the beginning of the decade.

On the other hand, if the reason for the discrepancy is that you're calling 2007-08 what NY is calling 2006-07, then there's definitely a spreading out going on.

Thanks for posting those figures Galen. I'm not entirely certain where the discrepancy comes in either, according to the ICSOM Settlement Bulletin filed by the NYPhil players, the $112,060 is the figure they reported. However, that same bulletin includes the following statement: "If the benefit level does not reach $60,000 by Sept. 21, 2006, the orchestra will receive the following salary increases: 9/21/06-3/20/07: $2,280 3/21/07-9/20/07: $2,330" I haven't taken the time to add those up and see if it matches the revised figure but these sort of discrepancies are not uncommon since annual salary figures are reported before they are actually paid out. As such, I'm sure the new settlement bulletin will have some additional details shedding light on the change. ~ Drew McManus

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